Saguaro Tales

The Thirsty Saguaro

A delightful, charming tale of a saguaro cactus who is stuck in the southwest desert and wishing he were planted in a different place.

Saguaros Can’t Wear Pants

A tongue-in-cheek story of a Saguaro who dreams of wearing different clothes, only to finally realize that he has no legs, so he can’t wear pants.

Sheriff Saguaro

A tale they will tell for years to come, when a messy dust devil blows into town, it’s up to Sheriff Saguaro to run him out of our town.

A Friend A Saguaro Keeps

We all need loyal friends who help us, especially in the desert.

Santa’s Red Corvette

Have your ever wondered where Santa goes after Christmas?

Books on the Shelf

Antigone Books: 4th Ave, Tucson, AZ

About the Author and Artist:

A collection of children stories about a Saguaro Cactus.

This started as an idea, a dream, a little note in my phone, a silly story for my kids, a little illustration bringing that saguaro to life, and to be filling orders is just an exciting and wonderful feeling!

Amber is a mother of two, a creator of art, and loves the outdoors. Watching a full moon rise is one of her favorites. Originally from Michigan, she moved to Tucson, Arizona in 2007 for the warmer weather. Having never been to the desert, she immediately fell in love with the mountainous landscape and the saguaro cacti. Amber enjoys hiking and exploring around Arizona. It was seeing all the saguaro cacti on those hikes that provided the inspiration for bed time stories for her children. The Thirsty Saguaro was her first in the Saguaro Tales series, followed by Saguaro’s Can’t Wear Pants, Sheriff Saguaro, Santa’s Red Corvette and A Friend A Saguaro Keeps.

She hopes these stories will bring some fun to your story time! Spread the word and follow along here for more information on the release of more books and where to get yours!

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